Welcome Tilburg City of Learning!

Welcome Tilburg City of Learning!

Our city

Tilburg is experimental, raw, contradictory, decisive, social and light-hearted! An industrial city, with a rich history in textile, and working on an unprecedented transformation! A surprising city, a city of makers and doers. The city has a population of 200.000 residents.

Our focus


We will only be satisfied when everyone in Tilburg can live a happy and healthy life. The platform will provide support in creating a safe city where everyone matters, where all people are able to connect and everyone can learn.

Our platform

Tilburg City of Learning platform after being in existence for almost a year and  already offers more than 100 Learning Activities and 3 Learning Playlists. 16 Learning Providers are showcasing their learning opportunities in the categories of technologies and computers; career and job readiness; crafts and production; creativity and design; civic engagement; arts and culture; and personal development.

Our potential

In Tilburg learning providers are eager to use the platform, especially when it supports better chances for employment for everybody. For this, learning providers want to showcase how their activity connects with skills that are necessary for employers and recognised by official frameworks. Soon we will provide a 21st century –  and a Digital Competence Open Badges – System that will support learning providers in the recognition of skills in their activities.

Our recommendations

  • Always check with young people if a development that adults want also is what young people in your city want 
  • Start with providing activity examples on the platform right from the beginning
  • When necessary support new learning providers with putting the activity on the platform for them 
  • Connect were possible with an acknowledged learning framework, it gives recognition for everybody

Involved organisations

Kievit Konsult (lead partner), Breakthrough (consulting partner), Vibe Active


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