Innobox – a toolkit for individuals, communities and organizations to make a change

Innobox – a toolkit for individuals, communities and organizations to make a change

The world is changing rapidly, so to adapt successfully, it is essential to understand how change affects us and our operations. Strange as it may sound, changes are taking place in the changes themselves. A recent report by the World Economic Forum states that our perception of risks in the world is changing. In previous years, economic problems were considered the greatest threat to humanity, but now the debate on climate change, digitalisation and health systems is prevalent. Nevertheless, it is important not only to observe these discussions, but also to participate in the changes themselves, in order to create future scenarios that lead us to new opportunities.

The Centre of Expertise for Digital Youth Work in Finland has developed the “Innobox” toolkit for those who want to innovate in their personal lives, communities or organizations. In Lithuania, the teams of non-profit organisation “Nectarus” and platform “Vilnius – City of Learning” have been implementing training courses for young people and those working with youth on future skills, development of ideas and how to use the “Innobox” toolkit in their activities. The participants followed activities through City of Learning platform using 6 playlists dedicated to this learning process.

Future graduate student Rugilė Zubauskaitė shares her experience and, most importantly, her achievement – her own project on employment opportunities for young people:

“I am a high school graduate and soon I will leave my hometown and move to the capital, where I will look for my happiness and new life. I have always been interested in various projects that help not only to make new friends, but also to develop as a personality. It wasn’t easy at first because the stressful life and the pandemic disrupted the established rhythm, as did the patience to learn something new. However, thanks to the training managers Nerijus and Giedrė, everything became easier. One of the funniest memories of the project is the discussion and the brainstorming. Using training activities, I created a project to help teenagers in smaller towns find the job they want and realize themselves as an employee of a certain profession. This will help not only young people, but also youth organizations to provide information to young people about work and employers who will be waiting for them after graduation”, – Rugilė shares. 

The activities and tasks found in the toolbox can be done alone, in a team, or even with the entire community or colleagues in the organization. Another training participant Karolina Čižaitė emphasizes the importance of teamwork: “While completing the tasks, I realized that ideas and goals are implemented in a more focused and faster way as a team – which I have missed so far. And the tasks and discussions helped me refine my idea. I would recommend this kit to students, youth organizations, even businesses. Currently, there is a particular emphasis on teamwork, but there is a lack of tools to facilitate the tasks of working together. Innobox can be that tool. “

The translation and publication of the Lithuanian version of Innobox was funded by the Department of Youth Affairs under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and the EU programme Erasmus+.

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