ArtEscape outdoor games

ArtEscape outdoor games

ArtEscape partners have created outdoor escape games in their cities. Young people and citizens, locals and visitors can play games in teams to discover local myths and legends.

The Hero of Antwerp“, Belgium invites players to meet and challenge a villainous giant named Druon Antigoon. By completing a set of challenges and tasks, teams discover Antwerp city and the main legend leading to learn the city’s name origin.

The outdoor escape game in Hyvärilä youth centre, Finland offers a set of challenges possessed by the Louhi an evil, almost toothless witch of Pohjola. Teams play the game to solve puzzles, creative tasks to learn the Sampo legend.

Porto – The Invicta City, Portugal offers a game to discover undoubtedly a magical city, full of stories and mysteries.

More partners will launch their city outdoor games soon!

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