Art Escape Project – What is it about?

Youth work and non-formal learning can enhance young people’s creativity and innovation, through experimental nature, participatory approaches, and peer-learning in times of pandemic and beyond. This project is about using the educational potential of Outdoor Escape Rooms with the thematic of traditional fairy tales and myths.

Partner consortium. CODECAssociation for European Cooperation Development and Communication (Belgium) – lead partner, PlanBe Plan It Be It (Cyprus), Nuoriso – Ja Matkailukeskus Hyvarilaoy (Finland), Sindesmos Sistima Kai Genia (Greece), JumpIN Hub – Associação para a Inovação e Empreendedorismo (Portugal) and Badgecraft Ireland.

In this project, the partners in five Cities and Regions of Learning – Athens, Cyprus, Hoogstraten, Komotini, Nurmes and  Porto aim to enhance the skills development and competences of youth workers in the creation and managing outdoor escape rooms with thematic on traditional fairy tales and myths, that reinforce creativity, as well as to boost quality, innovation and recognition of youth work that support the creative potential of youth, thus contributing to the recovery resilience of the cultural and creative sectors.

We use the Cities of Learning platform for young people, youth workers and educators to be able to create and find Outdoor Escape experiences and get their learning validated and recognised with the use of Open Badges. This strategic partnership is part of a long-term collaboration between several Cities and Regions of Learning.



Art Escape develops educational tools for youth workers, educators, teachers to promote cultural heritage and creativity through designing and facilitating Outdoor Escape Rooms in our local communities.


  • creating a step by step guide on the creation of Outdoor Escape Rooms with a thematic on traditional fairy tales and myths including outdoor escape rooms scenarios;
  • creating and offering an online learning course on how to create Outdoor Escape Rooms;
  • creating and offering learning pathways/playlists of outdoor escape rooms in the Cities of Learning platform;
  • training activity for youth workers and representatives of the art sector on how to manage the Outdoor Escape Rooms; with a thematic on traditional fairy tales and myths;
  • training activity to receive feedback and suggestions from the 16 pax on how they managed with the pilot testing of the Outdoor Escape Rooms with thematic on traditional fairy tales and myths.

The project is funded by the European Union through the ERASMUS+ programme.