Youth Pathways to Leadership

Cities of learning, youth co-design learning, civic and career pathways were inviting future leaders to join the course “Youth Pathways to Leadership”. The course is dedicated to young people from Tilburg (Netherlands), Saxony Anhalt (Germany), Vilnius (Lithuania), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Cagliari Metropolitan (Italy), Novi Sad (Serbia), Lorca (Spain), Tonsberg (Norway) and Eastern Cape (South Africa). The activities seek to provide acquire skills needed for the future of learning, active citizenship and career development, and foster the peer-to-peer approach. 

The course involves:

  • 3-weeks of learning with young people from 8 European countries;
  • Combination of individual learning, activities with the local team, online interaction with young people from other countries;
  • The chance to try out and learn new digital tools for learning, communication and active participation;
  • Opportunity to initiate new learning opportunities in the frame of the “Youth Co-design Cities of Learning” project;
  • Active participants of the course will be offered opportunity to join a physical meeting of young people, hopefully sometime in the near future (autumn 2021/winter 2022).

The international activities are carried out in English, with a support from a local team who can support with the language.

So far, 2 playlists were created and are open:

  1. Youth pathways to leadership Vol. 1
  2. Future makers. Lead your learning, civic and career pathways to the future
Intrested in future skills? Contact facilitators of “Youth Pathways to Leadership” course: Sandra van de Kraak (, Ivana Volf (, Nerijus Kriaučiūnas (, or contact your local Cities of Learning team.

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