Welcome to South Savo Region and Mikkeli City of Learning!

Welcome to South Savo Region and Mikkeli City of Learning!

Our city/region

South Savo area is located in Finland. There are three cities (population 18.000 – 54.000) and 11 municipalities (population 1500-7000), total 142.000 persons. Sparsely populated region, long distances, demographic challenges; young people are moving to bigger cities. Nature and tourism as a resource.

Our focus

Youth (15-29 year old) not in education, employment or training (NEET). Aim is to increase youth inclusion and social rehabilitation as well as promoting education, employment and entrepreneurship of young people living in rural areas.
Increasing youth activity in different areas of their lives. The emphasis is on the working life competences and readiness for working life.

Our platforms

We use our platforms South Savo Region of Learning and Mikkeli City of Learning as:

1. Channel for marketing and information:

  • General information of activities in City of Mikkeli
  • Movable youth house (summer-car) which operated in three municipalities of South Savo. Information via Region of platform. It included possibilities to earn digital badges.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship and gaming industry during Region of Learning theme week 19/2019

2. Channel for guided learning possibilities:

  • Playlist of gamification activities and game development
  • City of Pieksämäki Youth Center workers created digital badges for group meetings to South Savo Region of Learning platform
  • A playlist for PR-youth training
  • A playlist for professional photography (both local and digital xp)

Our potential

  1. Potential
  • Combine youth with similar interest
  • Inspire and offer possibilities! 
  • Demonstration of participation and group membership
  • Recognition of competence
  • Digital badges has value as a part of formal education for small municipality secondary high school
  1. Key Steps
  • Youth organizations and young people should be encouraged to collectively work on the platform 
  • Disseminate good practices
  • Encourages youth to recognize and try something new
  • Remember that this platform help you in your everyday work!

Our recommendations

  • The use of platform was adopted very quickly by young people and digital badges are good tool for group meetings.
  • It is important that target group is participated and involved planning of playlists.
  • Same competence can be available both local and digital experience (no drop-outs)
  • It is good to see event descriptions from our platform without logging in
  • There was no commercials in the platform and that´s why it was good choice for municipality organizer

Involved organisations

Youth workshops: Joroinen, Mikkeli, Pieksämäki. Youth services: Hirvensalmi, Kangasniemi, Juva, Mikkeli, Mäntyharju, Puumala, Rantasalmi. Game Lab Mikkeli-project. Anna-Katri Hänninen Photography. Several entrepreneurs


Download  A1 poster about our platform

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