Welcome to Lorca City of Learning

Welcome to Lorca City of Learning

Our city

Lorca (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈloɾka]) is a municipality and city in the autonomous community of the Region of Murcia in southeastern Spain. The municipality had a population of 91,849 in 2010. Still today, its economy is largely based on agriculture and stock breeding (pigs and brown cows), although its service industries make it the commercial capital of the surrounding area. Lorca has a big percentage of the migrant population.

Our focus

Our main target group is young people from 18 to 39 years old. Main focus – employability, young people with fewer opportunities

Our city platform

On Lorca City of Learning platform, we have already a playlist on employability (how to look for a job), 30 activities connected with the development of language competence, participation, and responsible ecological attitude.

Our potential

Our platform will have a big potential for activities connected with the employability of young people:

  • The connection between young people, employers, learning for employment
  • Opportunities for young people who are at risk of exclusion
  • Good opportunities for promotion of the activities for young people in the city of different learning providers

Our recommendations

From the beginning, we started with the collaboration between main stakeholders responsible for youth work and youth policy in the city/region

Involve young people in the mapping of the learn- ing spots in the city.

Involved organisations


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