Connected Spaces of Learning in Europe

Connected Spaces of Learning in Europe

The strategic partnership project “Connected Spaces of Learning in Europe” gathered partners from six EU countries with the aim to create a sustainable youth-oriented online platform for European cities and regions to map, deliver and recognise diverse learning opportunities for young people. The project also goes by the name of “Cities of Learning”, the title was chosen to highlight our participation in the global initiative of connecting passions of young people with opportunities in cities and regions.

One of the main objectives of the Cities of Learning project is “to map and connect spaces of non-formal and informal learning, which will enable young people to better “navigate” through the learning opportunities, based on their needs, interests and passions across the wide spectrum of learning.”

A snapshot from Vilnius-City of learning website displaying an interactive map of learning opportunities.

The project idea is based on the needs of organisations and young people and also responding to the regional, national and EU youth policies, calling for a more connected, diverse and recognised learning opportunities, based on passions and interest of young people, linked to the real life and delivered in a participatory and youth-friendly way. The project responds to European challenges in education and employment by increasing equity for non-formal and informal learning across different domains and by creating connections among organisations and spaces in cities and regions.

The ultimate target group of the project are young people living in the territories of partners involved in this project. At least 1000 young people will be involved directly in research, testing and using interactive maps of spaces of learning and learning playlists. At least 85 coaches who are social workers, educators, youth worker, youth leaders we will engage in staff training and multiplier activities. What is more, a wider impact on at least of 4000 people, is expected to be reached through the work with youth departments and administrations of local governments and other stakeholders related to non-formal education

The project will follow the Connected Learning principles, the methodology of Interactive mapping and Learning playlists and participatory methods to involve young people.

The project will enable 5 territories in Europe to map various spaces of learning and offer attractive and engaging learning playlists for young people. The project will create technical solutions to be used online for mapping and learning playlists, which will be accessible to use by other territories in Europe.

The technical solutions, practical tools and methodologies will enable learning providers and communities to offer better access, wider choice, more attractive and well-recognised learning opportunities for young people in the participating territories from Germany, France, Lithuania, Netherlands and Spain.

We envision that the other cities, regions and territories in Europe will be able to start mapping spaces of learning and implementing learning playlists by using the software, documentation and toolkit produced during this project.

Coordinating organisation: German Red Cross Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. (Germany)

Project partners:
Internationaler Bund, IB Mitte gGmbh (Germany)
Asociacion Cazalla-Intercultural (Spain)
Consejo de la Juventud de Lorca (Spain)
Vilnius open youth centre “Mes” (Lithuania)
NGO Nectarus (Lithuania)
Breakthrough Foundation (Netherlands)
Centraider (France)
Region Centre-Val De Loire (France)
Badgecraft Ireland Limited (Ireland)

Project supported by EU programme “Erasmus+”

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