European Youth Goals in Cities of Learning

In this project, we aim to engage young people in reviewing the European Youth Goals and make sense of their relevance to their city youth life and realities.

Four Cities of Learning partners will support young people’s engagement in the European Youth Goals activities. Partners consortium. System&G (Greece) – lead partner, System&G (Finland), Badgecraft (Lithuania), CODEC (Belgium).




  1. Involve young people in peer-to-peer labs about the European Youth Goals And their relevance to young people and our cities;
  2. Promote cooperation among youth and local stakeholders in each city on European Youth Goals grounds and outputs;
  3. Build our capacity to promote the European Youth Goals through youth-led activities in our cities;
  4. Support young people’s learning, actions and recognition related to European Youth Goals through the Cities of Learning digital platform;

Implementation activities

Work package 1: Project coordination and management and dissemination.
Work package 2: Good practices of the European Youth Goals,
Work package 3: Capacity building for the European Youth Goals.
Work package 4: European Youth Goals learning playlists and badges.
Work package 5: Dissemination and multiplying.


Youth consultations on European Youth Goals implementation.
Youth leadership capacity developed during a long-term course (non-formal learning methods) based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
Youth Goals co-designing playlists (method) for personalised learning.
Structured Dialogue on European Youth Goals.
Increasing awareness about European Youth Goals and their benefits and opportunities to young people.
Networking opportunities.


The project is funded by the European Union through the ERASMUS+ programme.