New Dimension in Career Guidance

The formal education system and even different professionals who work with young people may lack an active role in involving the youth of all ages in their career guidance initiatives and activities. It is an endless and sincere passion to create opportunities that allow young people to discover the environment, community, and tools to pursue their dream career, develop self-confidence, and feel safe when realizing their full potential and talents.

The partners in 3 “Cities of Learning” – Vilnius, Minsk and Riga – had an aim to create an innovative and comprehensive methodology for career guidance in diverse youth work settings.


Strategic partnership “New Dimension in Career Guidance” created an innovative and comprehensive methodology by combining the best experiences of each partner in the area of career guidance, which can be used by youth workers in the implementation of career counselling in various forms of youth work.

Partners’ consortium

Žalianamis (LT) the lead partner, IT for Everybody (BY), Young Folks (LV), Madrus (LT), Badgecraft Ireland (IE).


The project was funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme.


Workbook for youth workers engaged in career-focused education activities

One of the most prominent achievements of the project lies in the methodological workbook for youth workers engaged in career-focused education activities. Youth workers can replicate the individual parts and ready to use activities described in the workbook. It is a tool for everyday work that you can always have in your creative hands, changing or adding something new.

Organising learning on the "Cities of Learning" platform

The “Cities of Learning” platform and digital tools such as Open Badges can support this methodological approach. You can create a unique programme of your own using the methods and information from the workbook and transforming learning to the digital environment.


During the project, activities were organised through playlists for both youth workers and young people. At the end of each activity, a learner collects a digital badge of his or her achievements.



Digital Open Badges are one of the innovative solutions, which build new credentialing methods and systems capable of capturing, recognising and validating a broad range of learning outcomes, participation or achievements. Career guidance is integral to the learning process. Digital Open Badges enable learners and youth workers engaged in career-focused education activities to record the learning process, achievements or competencies. Each badge has essential data built within a name, description, criteria, the issuing body, evidence, the date of issuing and other additional information.


Examples of playlists and activities in Lithuanian.

Career Education in a World of Change: Experiences and Challenges

The international hybrid conference as a closing activity was focused on future changes and challenges in career education. During the conference, 16 experts in youth work and career guidance from 7 countries shared their experience implementing initiatives and projects that create a positive change in the field. 70 Open Badges of learning achievements were claimed, which were transformed into certificates confirming professional development.


The content of the conference stays open and invites practitioners for further discussions. YouTube playlist:



A playlist with mainstream announcements and presentations of intellectual products can be found on the platform too.