Welcome Vilnius City of Learning!

Welcome Vilnius City of Learning!

Our city

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania located in the center of Europe which is both contemporary and ancient, rich in architecture, culture heritage and increasing number of opportunities for young people. Vilnius is the largest city in Lithuania with the population of 540.000 inhabitants.

Our focus

The platform has a wide range of opportunities. At the moment it mainly provides opportunities for volunteering and attending a number of open youth activities in the city. Most of the activities are free of charge. The platform will continue to grow in the directions of diverse youth work forms as well as volunteering and international mobility opportunities.

Our platform

Vilnius City of Learning platform offers opportunities for organisations to add digital and in-person activities, volunteering spaces, internships, workshops, courses and other types of activities.  Young people can find activities like dancing, rapping, cooking, self-discovery, coding, public discussions and much more. Organisations can choose to combine activities into learning playlists combining a range of activities linked to one topic.  Young people earn open badges for attending each activity or playlist. They can collect their portfolio of achievements and share them in the places that matter.

Our potential

The platform can grow more in providing opportunities for young people to develop their media and digital literacies, career guidance, internships, learning mobilities. It is now used to test a “Social – civic activities” programme for high schools students in Vilnius. It might grow in providing opportunities to connect large numbers of students and diverse organisations in Vilnius.

Our recommendations

  • Involve people directly working in organisations
  • Build their competences through workshops or training
  • Establish communication and support channels and be available to support on a long-term basis
  • Look for cooperation opportunities with organisations where young people are: schools, youth organisations, etc.
  • Don’t give up and keep on adding activities and building habits of organisations to publish activities online

Involved organisations

Open youth centre “Zalianamis”, Open youth centre “Mes”, Student Union of Lithuania, Children and youth centre “Satrija”, Open youth centre “Baze”, Lithuanian association of non-formal education. 

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